The five pillars collaboration

A thought leadership digital event – The five pillars collaboration towards a Maritime Supercluster

We are looking for individuals willing to discuss, share expertise and co-design the growth of maritime clusters in tomorrow’s post-Covid-19 world.
Are you an industry mover, an entrepreneur or unafraid of change? Do you want to engage in a thought leadership dialogue about the evolution of  maritime clusters on an either national or international level?

Optima-X, Fathom World and 100mentors have partnered to bring together representatives from the five pillars (corporates, entrepreneurs, funds, academia and government) that are essential for a successful supercluster. Our objective is to cut straight to the chase and have you discuss your thoughts in 100 seconds of thought. 

Our aim is to create a period of constructive dialogue through a dedicated App that will help our collaborators become co-creators of a roadmap to build sustainable superclusters in a post Covid-19 digitalised world.

This is not a webinar or an online workshop, but a platform for stakeholder engagement that will converge knowledge and pathways for our new Today.

We are seeking thought leaders to join our programme and offer short periods of time each week to become part of the dialogue that leads to a co-designed pathway.

The 100 Mentors way

5-Pillars partner 100mentors is changing the way we produce and consume information. Through its “asynchronous dialogue” concept, experts from different fields of expertise have the opportunity to share their thoughts in 100seconds bite-sized videos with others, asking “wonderment” questions. By limiting the time one can pose and answer we bring out the need to focus on core thoughts. 100 seconds is usually enough to answer and share something of value, or to respond to something of value.

This is information exchange and thought leadership without the information overload. Each 100 seconds of expert thought is not the end of the discussion but a thoughtful continuation and development of it. And as an expert you stay focused on your point, and on being the link between critical thinking and abstraction of answers.

Why Now?

There is great uncertainty in society as our response to the threat of the Covid-19 virus evolves, but there is a recognition that this is an opportunity to focus on how we can engage in sustainability in a meaningful way. As society resets its agenda we can look at the need to remain innovative and sustainable without the pace being slowed by the lack of physical meetings.
In developing strong maritime and ocean clusters we need strong (thought) leadership from within the five pillars and across the five pillars.
Our collaboration is essential and this is the platform to ensure we can get it right. Put your name down to join our collaborative journey and help our industry evolve and grow in the new Today.

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