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A globally-oriented European Commission for a strong European Union

Press Release: “European shipping is a geostrategic asset to the EU in the face of global challenges,” said Martin Dorsman, ECSA’s Secretary General.

“With its great maritime heritage, climate and social ambitions, profound maritime knowledge and constant innovations, the growth potential of the European shipping industry can only be secured through a strong European Union, backed by a globally-oriented European Commission.”

The strong focus of the new Commission on climate challenges and digitalisation and innovation is fully in line with the top 10 priorities ECSA has set for itself. Above all, it is the industry’s most pressing concern to completely phase out CO2 emissions as quickly as possible this century, while maintaining its global competitiveness and contributions to the European economy.

A strong united European voice in the IMO is the best way to showcase Europe’s ability to lead the world towards real climate solutions.

“The climate emergency we are in today requires the full cooperation of the whole world. It is not only a local, regional or European problem. As a global industry, ECSA expresses its support for the new Commission’s ambition in a European Green Deal. But Europe needs to bring the rest of the world along and not do it alone. Otherwise we will not gain any tangible results,” continued Mr Dorsman.

“As a predominantly SME industry, we welcome the Commission’s promise that the transition ‘must be just and inclusive – or it will not happen at all’. Compared with the transport sectors dominated by a few big companies, our thousands of companies have limited resources to make that transition. They should not be left behind on the road to decarbonisation.”

In its letters to the new Commissioners, ECSA also expresses its wish to work with the incoming College to achieve these goals for the European consumers and companies, and to preserve Europe’s unique economic and geopolitical position in the world.

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