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ABB Unveils Unique Turbocharger Silencer Package at Marintec 2015

During Marintec 2015 held this week in Shanghai, China, ABB announced the launch of the first ever commercial turbocharging air outlet silencer package for low-speed marine engines.

The package includes an innovative air outlet silencer and the smallest turbochargers for two-stroke marine engines to maximise efficiency and decrease fuel consumption.

The ABB air outlet silencer will help customers to meet International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) SOLAS limits by reducing engine room noise for turbochargers on low-speed engines by approximately 5dB.  Currently applicable to A100-L and A200-L turbochargers, the silencer contains noise damping elements to make it compliant with IMO noise emission standards and the Code on Noise Levels Onboard Ships, which reduces maximum noise to 55 from 60dB.

The second component of the package, the A160-L turbocharger, is much smaller and lighter than previous versions to increase the space available on the two-stroke engine.  According to Joachim Bremer, Head of Product Line, Low Speed, ABB Turbocharging, the system also benefits from low maintenance requirements with longer service intervals.  Because the A160-L provides pressure ratios up to 5.0, fuel consumption is reduced which in turn reduces emissions for compliance with IMO Tier II and Tier III nitrogen oxides (NOx) standards.

Mr Bremer commented: “The development of the air outlet silencer underlines our focus on the safe operation of our turbocharging products, and on reducing environmental pollution. In creating a quieter working environment for seafarers, we are bringing to our customers the ABB Group commitment to occupational health & safety.”

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