Aronnax: The rebirth of seamanship and working with fatigue

This particular podcast episode looks at two stories that have been in the news. One deals with changing definition of seamanship in connection with the technologies, and the other the search for technologies to help seafarers.

First we have an academic paper published in Norway (NTNU) which has raised the question about what seamanship is ….and whether it is the right word to be using in modern shipping.

Then we look at how fatigue, tiredness, the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the mandatory requirements for rest hours have led to new technologies from software startups to give seafarers a better life onboard their vessels by making them aware of their own health and linking this to onboard productivity

In this episode we hear from:

Torgeir Haavik Research Professor, NTNU Social Research,Trondheim, Norway

Trond Kongsvik, Professor, NTNU, Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management

Stuart Willis,  CMO and Hours of Rest Hero, Work Rest

Arshia Gratiot, Founder & CEO, Canary Sentinel

Nick Chubb Founder and Managing Director, Thetius


Craig Eason, Owner and Editorial Director, Fathom World

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