This is the second of our short series of Aronnax episodes looking at the evolution of autonomous ships and surface vessels in the shipping and ocean space. Now this podcast looks at all things maritime and related to the oceans, how we use it – and try not to abuse it – and how we are likely to use technological advances to make it better.  Within this there are the developments of autonomous systems, ships or unmanned craft. We looked at some of the commercial factors in the first episode. And tied up with this is the role of seafarers and their future training for operations both on the vessel and off.

So in this episode I am looking at the regulations and how they MAY need to change.

We are not talking today about the smaller autonomous platforms sailing or likely to sail across the seas performing scientific work such as measuring ocean and atmospheric temperatures and environmental conditions, or underwater craft used by ocean industries. The focus here is on the ship’s crew on cargo ships. Guests on the episode include Henrik Tunfors from Sweden’s Transport Agency wo is overseeing a scoping exercise of international safety regulations to see how autonomous and unmanned systems can be fitted in, Ørnulf Jan Rødseth from Sintef Ocean and Pia Meling from Massterly a company which is already looking at crew training issues as it prepares to assume responsibility of the Yara Birkeland.


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