Global trade is largely based on just-in-time, lean, supply chains with goods shipped around the world as and when they are needed. The Covid-19 lockdowns have brought this into stark relief. It also raises the profile of the ships’ crews that are needed to keep the ships going that keep this trade flowing. There are stories of crews being forced to stay on board and work much longer than they should, which will impact mental health and abilities, as well as crews finding themselves off a ship, but stranded in the countries where they disembarked because there is no way for them to go home.  Part of this podcast comes from a recording from a live stream of the “It’s all About Shipping” webinar cast by Gina Panayiotou

Voices in this episode: David Hammond, CEO, Human Rights at Sea, Dorothea Ioannou, Chief Commercial Officer, American P&I Club, Anna Vourgos, Aphentrica Marine Insurance Brokers


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