Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Aronnax podcast focused on the transformation of the maritime and shipping space, powered by Fathom.World and presented by Craig Eason

In our first episode we visit MAN, (yes, the engine maker owned by the Volkswagen Group) that changed one of its business unit names from MAN Diesel and Turbo to MAN Energy Solutions, as it recognised the writing on the wall. Most MAN engines burn a range of hydrocarbon fuels in large amounts to power the world’s biggest ships. We were able to talk to the head of research and development in Copenhagen, Denmark, about the work to find the new cleaner fuels. The full story can be found on Fathom.World.

And whilst in Copenhagen, we also visited the inventor who has the idea of freezing ship CO2 emissions, shaping them into spears and dropping them into the deep ocean floor as a way to a greener future.

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