A new age of sail is emerging for shipping. It’s true, we may be able to say once more that ships are sailing and mean it. It may lack the image of the great tea clippers and multi-sailed vessels of the previous centuries, but a new breed of companies and engineers are re-examining what can be done with the wind as shipping looks to decarbonise. 


They are not looking to bring back multi-rigged sailing ships, despite how wonderful that thought and image may be, but to use a new breed of sail designs, wing designs, spinning rotors and kites to add power to ships that will soon need to use their engines less.


In this episode of Aronnax, the first of three from the recent Greenship Technology Conference in Copenhagen, Craig Eason, Editorial Director at Fathom World spoke to to the Secretary General of the International Windship Association, Gavin Allwright about the recent developments and the association members believes in a new future of windpower, as well as to a Danish entrepreneur Brian Boserup who is developing a giant trimaran cargo vessel that’s bigger than a Boeing 747. 


Read more about Brian Boserup and the Blue Technology Trimaran at https://fathom.world/going-for-blue/ and get the latest updates from the International Windship Association https://fathom.world/charting-a-course-for-the-future-at-the-international-wind-propulsion-forum/


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