Aronnax Show: Ardmore Shipping


In this episode of the Aronnax Show, Craig Eason talks to Mark Cameron, Chief Operating Officer at Irish shipowner Ardmore Shipping about the company’s unusual decision to launch a join venture commercial enterprise looking to marinise methanol reformers for shipping.

The technology takes liquid methanol and makes hydrogen which can be fed into a PEM fuel cell. The company believes this technology could be used to replace electrical generators and auxiliary engines in ocean going ships and main engines of inland waterway vessels.

Additionally we hear brief comment from MAN ES about their new engine. It’s an Otto cycle engine as opposed to a Diesel cycle which the company is more known. Like all it engines these days it is dual fuel, able to burn fuel oil and liquid natural gas, but it adds to a portfolio of engines which will soon include an ammonia powered engine. But what is also interesting is the application of exhaust gas re-circulation a technology which, as its name suggests, feeds engine exhaust back into the engine while it is running. MAN ES explains how it improves performance and has an added benefit of reducing methane slip, a weakness of the LNG dual fuel engines that critics have been keen to highlight.

Finally we have a regular update from Nick Chubb from Thetius on some of the other news and announcements that underscores the transformation of the shipping and maritime space.

Stories covered in this episode can be found on Fathom.World

MAN ES demonstrates new Otto cycle two stroke main engine

Ardmore Shipping launches new venture

Voices in the show:

Craig Eason, Aronnax Show host 

Mark Cameron, COO; Ardmore Shipping

Bjarne Foldager, VP & Head of Two Stroke Business, Man Energy Solution

Thomas Hansen, Head of Two Stroke Prootion, MAN Energy Solutions

Nick Chubb, Founder, Thetius

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