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Becker Marine Launches New Optimised Rudder

Becker Marine has launched a new rudder with an optimised profile for energy saving purposes and increased manoeuvrability.

The Schilling Twisted Trailing Edge Rudder achieves high energy efficiency as a single rudder unit thanks to its optimised shape that contains no moving parts.  The rudder features an asymmetric railing edge that provides maximum efficiency performance, while the optimised rudder bulbs further energy consumption savings.

In light of increasing regulatory demands, the market has seen an enhanced uptake of this type of schilling rudder.  Ships that have to travel long distances to their areas of operation will benefit highly from the design.

The rudder is suitable for tankers, general cargo carriers and some research ships, which will benefit from increased manoeuvrability from one rudder.

Walther Bauer, Director of Sales and Projects at Becker Marine Systems, commented: “Our Twisted Trailing Edge modification of the familiar Schilling Rudder has become firmly established on the market.  We are getting consistently positive feedback about the improved performance of the rudder thanks to its asymmetric railing edge.”

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