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ClassNK Open Big Data Hub

7 Dec 3

ClassNk has announced the establishment of Ship Data Center Co., Ltd, a big data centre that aims to support data gathering across ship operation that will be headed by ClassNK’s Executive Vice President Yasushi Nakamura in Tokyo, Japan.

The Ship Data Center is a secured shipping operations database that will serve as an information hub to independently manage the utilisation of big data in the maritime industry.

The development of this data centre follows rapid advances in information development and communication and the large quantities of data now able to be gathered.  According to ClassNK, the hub was devised due to the lack of ability to centralise and manage large quantities of data, as most of it is still done on a ship-by-ship basis.  The Ship Data Center, therefore, aims to optimise ship performance and improve condition-based monitoring by acting as a centralised platform for data collection and management.

Full operation of the Data Center is scheduled from April 2016.

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