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Clean Arctic Alliance praises US & Canada’s HFO phase-out strategy

The Clean Arctic Alliance has praised the United States and Canada for their decision to strategize the phase-out of heavy fuel oil (HFO) in the Arctic environment.

  • In response to a joint statement made by the US and Canada this week to develop a strategy to phase out the use of HFO in Arctic waters, the Clean Arctic Alliance has praised the nations for their commitment to reducing environmental impact of shipping.
  • The Clean Arctic Alliance has applauded the commitment of President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau to develop the proposal and protect the Arctic from future harm.
  • The statement made by the US and Canada builds on previous statements made, warning the IMO of the detrimental consequences of an HFO spill in the Arctic.
  • The US and Canada will submit a proposal to the next MEPC meeting in July 2017 to implement the work needed for a phase out of HFO.

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