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Contract Inked for Cruise Ship Air Lubrication Tech Retrofit

Air lubrication technology pioneers Silverstream Technologies have signed a contract to retrofit their Silverstream System on a cruise vessel, which they say is owned by one of the industry’s leading cruise lines. The technology will be retrofitted onto the vessel in 2017.

The cruise line that have signed the contract with Silvertream has not been revealed.

Commenting on the contract, Noah Silberschmidt, CEO Silverstream Technologies, said:“This new contract represents the confidence that the sector has in the Silverstream System as a viable technology that helps them to meet these challenges, as well as delivering a fast return on investment.”

The Silverstream System is the only air lubrication technology currently on offer to the market which can be installed to both newbuilds and retrofits. It uses 66% less energy than other air lubrication systems to power the compressors, which keep cavities filled with air at the required pressure.

Comparative air lubrication systems for cruise vessels use a greater number of larger compressors and air pipes, requiring significantly more space within a vessel’s hull.

Extensive performance analysis of data from Silverstream’s original sea trial funded by Shell confirmed consistent net efficiency savings in excess of 4% and up to 8% for larger vessels.

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