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Corvus Secures Battery Tech Order for Hybrid Cargo Ship

Halvosen Power Systems AS has selected Corvus Energy’s next generation Orca Energy, part of the Orca energy storage system (ESS) product line, for the retrofit of a hybrid cargo transport vessel.

The lithium based energy storage system (ESS) will provide all required energy to the MS Hannah Kristina during harbour operations, resulting in zero emissions. The hybrid cargo transport vessel will utilise a 1,000kWh Orca Energy ESS to provide 100% of the vessels energy requirements during harbour operations.

“By combining industry leading safety, performance and economic feasibility, Corvus has achieved the ultimate maritime ESS with Orca,” said Hans Petter Heggebø, CEO at Halvorsen Power Systems AS.

“The Orca ESS solutions were designed with exactly this type of application in mind”, said Halvard Hauso, EVP Sales & Marketing at Corvus. “With twice the amount of energy in half the space, at half the installed cost, Orca makes great financial and environmental sense.”

Corvus’ Orca ESS product line is specifically designed for hybrid and all-electric maritime applications. The Orca ESS solutions portfolio was built based on the experience from 50+ vessels utilising a Corvus ESS, totalling over 35MWh and 1 million operating hours.

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