Costa Cruises cuts carbon footprint by 5%

Costa Cruises, part of Carnival Corporation & plc, has achieved a 5% decrease in carbon footprint, a 9% reduction in SOx emissions and a 4% reduction of NOx and PM emissions in 2016 compared with the previous year.

In its 2016 sustainability report, Sea You Tomorrow, the cruise company reports significant progress in achieving its goals towards sustainable cruising.

In addition to emissions reductions, the company has achieved a 3% reduction in fuel consumption per passenger per day, compared with 2015.

Costa’s reduction in emissions and fuel consumption is reportedly due to the installation of exhaust gas cleaning systems to remove SOx and PM, streamlining navigation systems to improve routes and using digital solutions to monitor the environmental performance of each ship.

Water conservation and recycling has also been a high priority for the company. In 2016, 66.2% of the water used onboard was produced using desalination plants. In 2015, wastewater generated per person per day was 222 litres, whereas in 2016 this had dropped to 203. Since 2007 Costa has also recycled 393 metric tonnes of aluminium, with 4.7m cans collected in just 2016.

The reduction in waste produced and the increase in recycling is due to collaboration with ports and organisations, such as the Aluminium Packaging Consortium that enabled Costa to collect and send its 393 tonnes for recycling.

Costa report future developments will focus on building new ships to run off liquefied natural gas and long-term visualises large-scale promotion and uptake of LNG.

View the sustainability report here. 


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