Cruise Ships Incorporated Into Hull Coatings Big Data Tool

Author: Fiona Macdonald, Fathom Maritime Intelligence

AkzoNobel has added cruise ships to a big data tool they launched in late 2015 that assesses the potential savings of fuel and CO2 prior to application of any International antifouling coatings.

Intertrac Vision is a free, digital consultancy service for ship owners that takes into account total hull roughness (micro and macro) and roughness associated with biofouling. It then applies computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to different hull forms in order to make accurate predictions on the impact of fouling control coatings on the comparative powering requirements of a vessel.

Intertrac Vision uses hundreds of thousands of datasets and processes individual vessel parameters using proprietary algorithms and models to assess the impact of each fouling control coating.  Key parameters involved include ship powering requirements, fuel oil consumption, fuel oil cost, CO2 emission predictions.  Intertrac Vision also provides a full cost benefit analysis when comparing different coatings and surface preparation options.

Michael Hindmarsh, Project Lead for Intertrac Vision, commented: “Through Intertrac Vision, we can provide cruise vessel owners with tangible proof of the ROI from the comparison of fouling control coatings prior to application. In doing so, we can support the long term profitability and sustainability of the cruise industry. Furthermore, as part of the continued evolution of Intertac Vision, we expect to add LNG vessels to the technology shortly.”

The inclusion of cruise ships to Intertrac Vision marks the continual development of the technology and is the first step in meeting the needs of Intertrac Vision’s customers changing market dynamics. Intertrac Vision was created by AkzoNobel’s own scientists in partnership with leading academic and commercial research institutes, including University College London (UCL), MARIN, Newcastle University as well as consultation with more than 30 ship owners and operators worldwide.

To read more about the launch of Intertrac Vision, please click here.

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