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CTech Technology Of The Month = HEMPAGUARD

3 Dec 3

This month, Fathom has chosen Hempel’s hull coating HEMPAGUARD as our Technology of the Month.

HEMPAGUARD is based on patented ActiGuard technology which integrates silicone-hydrogel and full diffusion control of biocides in a single coating. The biocide is temporarily retained at the surface during its release, thereby activating the surface, and eliminating the need for polishing as well as requiring only one coat under normal conditions compared to the two or three coats needed in the case of antifouling.

HEMPAGUARD offers the same surface smoothness as conventional biocide-free silicone-based fouling release coatings and compared to standard self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling, releases 95% less biocide.

It maintains its antifouling efficiency at both slow and fast speeds and is equally effective during idling periods of up to 120 days, allowing ships to steam at their most fuel efficient speed.

The HEMPAGUARD range is available as two separate products: HEMPAGUARD X5 and HEMPAGUARD X7. The former has a service interval of up to 36 months and the latter of up to 90 months.

HEMPAGUARD offers an average fuel saving of 6% over a full docking interval significantly, which not only reduces fuel costs but also the ship’s environmental footprint by cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Convinced of its coating’s performance, Hempel offers a performance satisfaction guarantee contract for ships complying with a HEMPAGUARD X7 specification on a full blasted surface. If the customer is not satisfied, Hempel will pay for the conversion of HEMPAGUARD back to conventional antifouling.

Since its launch in September 2013, HEMPAGUARD has been applied as a full ship coating to 410 ships. It has also won the prestigious ‘Environmental Technology’ award 2014, which endorses technologies that contribute to reducing the environmental impact of shipping operations.

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