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Damen Highlights Propeller Nozzle Advantages

Damen Shipyards Group is highlighting the advantages to be gained from the Damen Optima Nozzle to the North American inland shipping sector.

The Optima is a propeller nozzle developed and manufactured by subsidiary Damen Marine Components (DMC). DMC designed the Damen Optima – a nozzle with a slightly longer and higher intake and a propeller positioned just aft of the centre line – to increase performance even further.

While DMC produces various types of propeller nozzle suited for a wide spectrum of maritime uses, it is the Damen Optima that yields the most benefits for inland shipping operators.

“Looking at today’s inland shipping operators in Europe, you’ll see that everyone uses a nozzle.” One of the main reasons of the dominance of nozzles is the use of skew-type propellers, whose rounded profile successfully addresses the historical problem of sediment and debris blockage.

Use of the propeller nozzles results in decreased fuel use and exhaust emissions.

DMC tailors the propeller frequency specifically for each vessel, thus reducing sound and vibration levels.

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