ECSA welcomes recognition of the shipping industry as a transitional sector in sustainable finance package


Press Release: The Plenary of the European Parliament adopted this week the Delli Report on more efficient and cleaner maritime transport. The Report underlines the important role of short sea shipping in achieving modal shift objectives and reducing transport-related congestion and emissions to move towards zero-emission transport.


ECSA welcomes the adoption of the Delli report this week by the Plenary of the European Parliament. The Report highlights the crucial role of short sea shipping in achieving modal shift objectives and reducing transport-related congestion and emissions.


Through the Report, the European Parliament embraces a holistic approach including ports and energy suppliers as parts of a comprehensive maritime cluster; the final version also highlights the role of digitalisation, automation and port call optimisation in achieving the objectives of the European Green Deal. Furthermore, the Report underlines the need to fulfil the investment commitments under the TEN-T, as well as to boost access to funding under Motorways of the Sea through simplified criteria. Finally, the Report encourages the EC to establish a network for the exchange of good practices on how to adapt the workforce to the evolving needs of the maritime sector. 

In the words of Martin Dorsman – ECSA Secretary-General, “the Report rightly calls for a comprehensive approach under the upcoming FuelEU Maritime proposal and makes on scrubbers a clear reference to the IMO work and to the fact that any measures should be in line with the IMO framework and the MARPOL Convention”.


ECSA appreciates the report to recognise the importance of transitional technologies, such as LNG for a gradual transition towards zero-emission alternatives in the maritime sector. However, it considers there is no sufficient basis for questioning the effectiveness of the EU Maritime State Aid Guidelines or implementing changes in the EU approach. The State Aid Guidelines provide a level playing field for European shipowners without distortion of competition. In addition, the measures allowed by the State Aid Guidelines reducing the labour costs of European seafarers prove to be most effective for safeguarding European seafarers’ employment.


ECSA wishes to congratulate the Rapporteur Ms Karima Delli and all the shadows for their hard work and commitment.


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