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Electric Propulsion System Saves Over 700,000 Tons Of Fuel Since Launch

ABB have revealed that the total fuel savings of the entire installed Azipod fleet since being launched is estimated to be more than 700,000 tons.

To put this into perspective, the average family car uses one ton of fuel annually, therefore this saving equates to the annual fuel consumption of 700,000 cars.

Their gearless, steerable propulsion system reduces fuel consumption by up to 20% and is installed on an extremely wide range of vessels. Azipod propulsion units are the market-leading solution for today’s modern large cruise ships. The system is also dominating the growing icebreaking and icebreaking cargo ship sector.  The entire installed Azipod propulsion unit base has accumulated 12 million operating hours in merchant, offshore and special vessel segments.

ABB is this year celebrating Azipod propulsion’s 25th anniversary.

According to Clarkson’s Research, the leading shipbroker and research firm, the number of vessels with electric propulsion is growing at a pace of 12 percent per year, three times faster than the world’s fleet.

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