EMSA casualty report 2017: The good and bad news of accident statistics

The European Maritime Safety Agency has issued its annual review of incident statistics. It acts as a good source of data to assess trends and pick apart, or even bring together data to establish trends.

In this year’s report, which pulls together the data for accidents and incidents between 211 and 2016 EMSA says:

Half of the casualties were of a navigational nature, such as contacts, grounding/stranding or collision. Amongst occupational accidents, 40% were attributed to slipping, stumbling and falling of persons. Human erroneous action represented 60% of accidental events and 71% of accidental events were linked to shipboard operations as a contributing factor. Of all casualties, 42% took place in port areas.

The number of ships lost has reduced by 50% since 2014. In 2016, the number of cargo ships involved in marine casualties and incidents  has decreased to 1400. A significant decrease of fatalities was noted in 2016, reaching the lowest level of 2012.

The report itself can be found here. It shows how large events such as Costa Concordia can sway statistics and averages.


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