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Engine Cylinder Pressure Sensors Offer Efficiency Improvements

German company Kistler has developed piezoelectric cylinder pressure sensors to meet the requirements of on-line combustion monitoring in marine engines, which aims to improve engine efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.

The sensors can be installed on the cylinder head of low and medium speed engines in order to provide feedback information operating conditions of the combustion chamber.  By understanding the combustion process and altering it where needs be, efficiency can be improved on two and four-stroke engines to optimise fuel consumption.

Understanding the cylinder pressure also provides information on the condition of an engine when used as a regular maintenance basis as an off-line diagnostic tool.  Maintain the specific cylinder pressure as specified by engine classification companies can help to ensure good fuel consumption. Using Kistler’s diagnostic equipment peak pressure on large engines can be recorded periodically, giving immediate evaluation.

The equipment can also be installed quickly and easily on the engine’s indicator valve to deliver accurate and reliable measurement data from sensors with proven long-term stability.

Jürg Stadler, Head of Kistler’s Strategic Business Field Marine & Stationary commented: “Our many years of expertise in cylinder pressure measurement provide the basis for combustion control for many manufacturers of large engines, shipbuilders, shipping companies and power plant operators.  One example is General Electric (GE) – this manufacturer of energy technology solutions in power generation was so enthusiastic about our professional, customer focused, service offering that the company awarded us GE’s prize for innovative capacity and technology leadership in 2015.”

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