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European ports and shipowners clash over Emission Trading Scheme plans

EUROPEAN shipowners and the regions ports and cargo interests have taken opposing positions over plans to have shipping included in the revamped European emission trading scheme.

The European Community Shipowners’ Association has issued a statement saying it is unfortunate and worrying that shippers and port interests have condoned the plans.

Last week the European Parliament voted in favour of including shipping in a revamped ETS, given that the ETS is considered one of the main tools for Europe to meet its goals under the UNFCCC’s Paris Agreement.

While being condemned by shipowner associations it has received support for its attempt to push the IMO to act quicker.

While the decision has yet to be approved by the European Commission and Council, it is seen as a direct poke at the IMO which is being urged to step up work even though it has recently made headway with the development of a roadmap.

The European Parliament wants IMO to find a solution by 2021, with the current IMO timetable suggesting a 2023 completion date, which like the EU ETS proposal coincides with a review date for the Paris Agreement.

In a statement ECSA said: “European port and freight forwarder associations did confirm that a global agreement is their preferred option to curb greenhouse gas emissions of ships. By supporting regional pressure to achieve this goal, ECSA however believes they will obtain the exact opposite.”

ECSA’s press release can be found here

ESPO’s support of the EU putting more pressure on the IMO can be found here

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