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Fathom Q: Is the shipping industry able to move away from tradition?

Fathom Q: Is the shipping industry able to move away from tradition and teach new business models such as disruption and digital transformation to attract the younger generation to the industry?

Marianne W. Lewis, Dean, Professor of Management, Cass Business School 

“We have to move beyond tradition. We need to look at how to blend traditional legacy with the current situation.  This requires a blend of real-time knowledge, such as media, case studies, and alumni.

We have seen a robust application pool. People do still see shipping being at the heart of global trade and they want to understand the flow of funds and trade. People are creative and curious but we need to tell this story better.”

Julie Lithgow, Director, Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers 

“People are moving away from the idea that going to sea means being there for the rest of your life. They see it now more as a university and will often come to shore afterwards and be part of the wider environment. This generation is also thinking more about connectivity of the world. We need to make sure that technology does not become a disempower of people though, it must empower how we work”.

John Michael Radziwill, Chief Executive Officer, C Transport Maritime 

“The younger generation is more attracted to sexier industries and we’re under the radar. To attract good, young people, we need a better market. Shipping has been through a deep crisis but we have seen a purge of people and the strong ones are staying.  But we still need a better rated environment and more people will be attracted to it.”


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