Fathom Smart Ship Awards: Shortlists revealed

The shortlists have been revealed  of potential winners of the Fathom Smart Ship Awards, the first and only awards dedicated to identifying the players making a real difference in leading the maritime industry towards a smart, connected and sustainable maritime future. The digitalisation of shipping is ongoing and ever changing as processes change and new players enter. The Smart Ship Awards are the signpost to the year’s movers, shakers and digital changemakers highlighting key companies, solutions and individuals making a real impact in pushing the operational boundaries of our industry forward.

Thanks go to the Awards judges for there time in making the tough decisions that helped find the winners

The judges

Patrick Verhoeven (IAPH)

Mark O’Neil (Columbia Marlow Shipmanagement)

Christopher Hedvall (investment consultant)

Alastair Evitt (V.Group)

Andreas Chrysostomou (CLIA)

Tim Wilkins (Intertanko)

The shortlists

Startup of the year


This is wave information and the resultant vessel motion forecasts in real-time. Conventional sea-state weather-based forecasting methods use statistical data patterns and scattered buoys to give a rough estimate of significant wave height and direction over a general span of time.


A company disrupting the maritime spare part market with additive manufacturing where it matters.


A cloud-based maintenance system empowering the ship manager through all service, maintenance and repair projects.


Octopi is the first cloud-based Terminal Operating System for cargo terminals. It allows smaller to medium terminals that could never afford the expensive TOS solutions in the market to now have a world-class TOS.


We4Sea is not just another promise of a fuel saving tool. This is a full monitoring solution without any new hardware to install and promises to be the lowest investment cost in the market for shipowners.


VesselBot is a software enabled chartering marketplace that brings strategic, operational and financial benefits to ship owners and charterers within the commercial maritime industry.

ZS Wellness 

ZS Wellness is a totally new concept for the shipping industry focusing exclusively on crew welfare. With experts warning about the heath risks associated with shipboard life ZS wellness is utilising technology and motivation to improve health at sea and therefore shipboard wellbeing and performance.

 Digital solution or service



MarineTransport International for Comship

This is blockchain in practice.  Marine Transport International  focuses on ease of business and work together with clients to provide first class logistics services around the World.

METIS Cybertechnology

A new and innovative system aimed at boosting efficiency in the maritime sector  has been designed and implemented by Metis Cyberspace Technology S.A., a Greece-based hi-tech company.

NAPA ( A Class NK Company) for Fleet Intelligence   

Launched in June 2017, NAPA Fleet Intelligence is the industry’s first web service that provides fleet owners with access to operational insights without the need for costly and laborious on-board installations.

Naval Dome

Naval Dome Ltd is an Israel-based defence specialist that has recently developed and introduced a complete and secure maritime cyber defence solution for mission critical onboard systems.

Propulsion Analytics

Propulsion Analytics develops engine performance monitoring software that guarantees minimum engine downtime & reduction of operating cost, already applied in 100+ engines. It recently developed a new thermodynamic simulation model in conjunction with machine learning techniques for engine performance evaluation and fault diagnosis.

Softship for SAPAS (Softship Advanced Port Agency Solution)

Softship, a global provider of software applications designed exclusively for the shipping industry had sought to revolutionise the role of the port agent with  SAPAS

The Enabler


Supporting innovation and creating positive change through entrepreneurship in transport industry.

DNV GL (Veracity)

DNV GL has launched a new industry data platform – “Veracity” – to help the maritime industry improve its profitability and explore new business models through digitalization.

STM Validation Project

STM stands for Ship Traffic Management and the project’s goal is to validate making real-time standardised information.  This is the largest  e-Navigation testbed ever.

Rolls-Royce Marine (Project SISU)

The company has made a significant investment in research and development to make remote and autonomous shipping a reality.  Project SISU has brought this reality a step closer and marks one of the most significant technological achievements in the maritime industry for many years.


Inmarsat is offering technology companies a way to offer bespoke digital services to ship owners and operators through its “Certified Application Partner” programme for software development using its Fleet Xpress satellite connectivity.

Changemaker of the year

This is a unique award for an individual that can be described as pushing the digital agenda to create industrial change. This person could be an expert in any range of digital solutions who has made a positive impact on the industry over the last 18 months. It could be a person within an organization that has been spearheading the organizational change of that company to embrace a host of digital solutions. It may also be someone within a digital enabler that should be recognized for their knowledge, passion and commitment to the maritime and shipping industries.

The winner of this category and the other three will be announced at a special reception at Huone Singapore, at 1730 on 29th November. Welcome!



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