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Finalists Announced for Wind Propulsion Innovations Awards 2016

The International Windship Association (IWSA) has announced the shortlisted finalists for the inaugural Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2016.

The Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards were launched by IWSA to recognise pioneering projects and technological innovation in the development of wind propulsion for technically and commercially viable solutions for different vessels across the maritime industry. The awards spotlight individuals and companies making a real difference in advancing wind propulsion as a low carbon, sustainable solution for the world’s shipping fleet.

IWSA report that they received an tremendously large number of nominations for the inaugural awards, underlining the interest in wind assisted propulsion in the industry and also the immense effort and innovation in the development of wind propulsion solutions in the industry.

All nominations were judged and the shortlisted finalists picked by a panel of industry experts that included: Catherine Austin – Editor, Ship Efficiency Review, Alistair Fischbacher – CEO, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Dr. Pierre C Sames – DNV GL, Craig Eason – Deputy Editor, Lloyds List, Katharine Palmer –Lloyd’s Register Marine, Gavin Lispith – Editor, Motorships, Dimitris Argyos – BG Group, Gary A. McIntyre – J.Lauritzen A/S, Dr. Jasper Faber (PhD) – CE Delft, Dr. Michael Traut – Tyndall Centre, Manchester University, Capt. Michael Vahs– Emden Leer University, Dr. Nishatabbas Rehmatulla – UCL Energy Institute. Prof. Orestis Schinas – Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), Prof. Osman Turan- University of Strathclyde, Peter Schenzle – Wind propulsion specialist, Sam Kimmins & Sara Skold– Sustainable Transport Consultants

The shortlisted finalists for the Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2016 are:

Wind Propulsion in Commercial Shipping Innovation Award: Sponsored by International Naval Surveys Bureau (INSB Class)

Smart Green Shipping Alliance
Norsepower Oy Ltd
S@IL project – Ecoliner
UT Windchallenger

Wind Propulsion Technology User Award:
Sponsored by The Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI)
Enercon – E-ship 1
Bore Shipping – Norsepower Rotors
Solar Sailor – Ocius Technology Ltd – the Rigid Opening Sail
Fair Transport – Traditional Sail Cargo

Wind Propulsion Research Award: Sponsored by Norsepower Oy Ltd

Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) team
S@IL project team
University of South Pacific – Sustainable Sea Transport Programme
University College London (UCL) – Energy Institute team
Technical University Delft team
University of Strathclyde team

Lifetime Achievement Award: Sponsored by Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA)

Anton Flettner – Flettner Rotor
Dr. Robert Dane – Ocius Technology Ltd – the Rigid Opening Sail
Capt. Jacques Cousteau – Turbosail
Wilhelm Proelss and Bernd Wagner – Windship Research & Dynarig.

The voting for the special lifetime achievement award is restricted to IWSA members and associates.

Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary said, “We are really pleased by both the number and high quality of the nominations we have received. This is testament to the growth of interest in wind propulsion solutions across the industry and the innovative, pioneering spirit of the project teams dedicated to bringing these low carbon technologies to market.”

Now that the judges have picked their shortlisted finalists it is over to the public to vote for the winners in the award categories: Innovation, Technology User and Research

Voting is open until 15th August 2016: www.wind-ship.org/en/innovation_awards_2016/

The Awards will be presented at a ceremony at the SMM2016 on 8th September 2016 in Hamburg.

For further information about the shortlisted projects and research programs, the International Windship Association (IWSA) booth and presentation schedule at SMM2016 or commercial wind propulsion in general, please visit the IWSA website www.wind-ship.org.

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