Fleet Transformation: Disruption and the start-up

In our recent Webinar on digital enablement and deliberate transformation, one of our guests was Sasan Mameghani.

Mameghani launched Maindeck, a start-up service for ship managers looking to optimise their drydockings about four years ago. The objective of the company is to “reinvent the dry-docking experience”

The start was tough as he had to deal with a lot of Resistance, not least the market conditions Mameghani found himself up against, coming into the industry.

But in the webinar he told Fathom editorial director Craig Eason that attitudes to start-ups were changing, people are becoming more accepting of the idea of platforms such as his.

But he says there’s still along way to go to get over the word hype that seems to surround the subject of digital start-ups and innovation, particularly around understand the word disruption.

There’s a lot of hype which he says has led to a lot of misunderstanding, even where he has spoke to potential clients who think that his service will disruptive their businesses rather than enhance it.

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