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German Port Uses Sensors to Measure Air Quality

The Hamburg Port Authority has collaborated with Kii, Internet of Things (IoT) Solution Enablement Platform provider in a small pilot port project to measure emissions and air quality in the port using sensors.

The Hamburg Port Authority developed solutions such as shore power for cruise liners within the port to help lower emissions.  Emission values were collected over the Kii IoT platform and prepared for analysis over three months, while the port was able to analyse the air quality at different location and test the functionality of different battery-powered outdoor sensors.

During the pilot project, sensors were placed at three different points of the harbor. The sensors were all able to detect nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and particulate matter, and provide data on temperature, air pressure or humidity.

The data recorded was then sent to the Kii IoT platform where it was made available for the port to analyse.

Ulrich Baldauf, Head of IT Strategy at the Hamburg Port Authority commented: “The IoT pilot project has been very successful for us. We have been able to measure numerous parameters of air pollution live, e.g. the emission of particulate matter of particle size PM2.5 and PM10, or, in some cases, even nitrogen dioxides, which generally account for only 10 billionths of the total air. The Kii platform enabled us to collect the various data sources in a uniform manner and to prepare them for analysis.”

Martin Tantow, Kii General Manager, EMEA added: “Our IoT solution allowed us to install the sensors at critical points of the shipping and road network, to provide real-time visibility, and to prepare them for analysis.”

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