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Gibraltar Urged to Tackle Pollution Problems

Verdemar-Ecologistas en Acción (Verdemar) has stated that is intends to urge the European Union (EU) and Spanish authorities to take action to limit the pollution that is caused by maritime activities in east Gibraltar.

The increase of bunkering activity at the port has led to a rise in pollution and unwanted emissions, even resulting in illegal discharges in the area.  Antonio Muñoz, spokesperson for the group in Campo de Gibraltar region, suggests that a management plan is needed to reduce pollution and cut the illegal activity regarding pollution discharges that has been evident, particularly along the beaches of La Línea and east of the Alboran where two Community Interest Places and a Preservation Special Area exists.

According to Verdemar, the increased shipping activity in recent years has led to 40km of coastline now in danger with threats to tourism also present, both of which Verdemar plans to take to the EU.

In light of this, Verdemar has said that it will ask the EU and Spanish authorities to end this pollution and will oppose a Port Authority of Algeciras Bay (APBA) project that is intended to develop an anchoring platform for ships of about 20,000 hectares from La Linea de la Concepcion to Chullera, in Manilva.

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