Global Maritime Forum appoints Chief Executive Officer

Press Release: The Global Maritime Forum’s Board of Directors has appointed Johannah Christensen as Chief Executive Officer and expanded the organization’s executive management team.


Johannah Christensen


An international not-for-profit organization, Global Maritime Forum, announces Johannah Christensen as Chief Executive Officer and the expansion of its executive management team, following a regular board meeting.


Managing Director, Head of Projects & Programmes, Johannah Christensen, was appointed Chief Executive Officer.


Kasper Søgaard


Head of Research, Kasper Søgaard, was appointed Managing Director, Head of Institutional Strategy and Development.


The Global Maritime Forum is seeing rapid development and a growing interest from key stakeholders to support its mission. I am pleased that the Board of Directors has decided to expand the organization’s executive management team to lead its continued progress. Johannah Christensen has been pivotal for the Global Maritime Forum’s results to date and I look forward to working together with her as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer,“ says Peter Stokes, Chairman of the Global Maritime Forum.


”I am humbled by the trust and confidence that the Board of Directors has placed in me. The Global Maritime Forum is fortunate to have a dedicated and skillful team. Together, we look forward to further strengthening our efforts to shape the future of global seaborne trade to increase sustainable long-term economic development and human wellbeing,“  says Johannah ChristensenChief Executive Officer of the Global Maritime Forum.


Michael Søsted


Hereafter, the Global Maritime Forum’s executive management team consists of:

Johannah Christensen, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Søsted, Managing Director, Head of Finance and Operations

Kasper Søgaard, Managing Director, Head of Institutional Strategy and Development

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