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Grimadli Group orders hybrid scrubbers

The Grimaldi Group has placed an order for seven hybrid Alfa Laval U-design PureSOx scrubber systems, marking the 100th U-design scrubber to be sold by Alfa Laval.

  • The scrubbers will be fitted to seven newbuild car carriers to reduce emissions of sulphur oxides (SOx).
  • One of these scrubbers will be of the U-design, which is the classic version of the PureSox scrubber.
  • The scrubbers will permit the Grimaldi Group vessels to operate between Italy and the United States where the Vessel General Permit (VGP) legislation applies.
  • The hybrid version facilitates both closed and open-loop modes.
  • The closed-loop mode will be used where the scrubbers need to meet the strict VGP wash water discharge requirements, while the open-loop mode will be used when permitted.
  • Delivery of the first system is planned for the end of Q1 2017, with installation to follow in Q2. The last of the seven PureSOx systems will be delivered in Q1 2018.

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