Harwich Haven Authority to begin cutting edge fatigue risk study

Press Release: Harwich Haven Authority today announced a new partnership with Senseye and Safetytech Accelerator to develop a better understanding of how fatigue impacts safety critical operations in the port.

Harwich Haven Authority is a trust port responsible for the pilotage and safe passage of 40% of the UK’s container traffic which travels through the area as well as a wide range of commercial and leisure vessels. The landmark study will create a better understanding of how fatigue impacts people involved in the port’s safety critical operations including vessel traffic services and pilotage provision. The ultimate aim of the study is to find new ways to mitigate the risks of fatigue within the port environment.

“People are at the core of everything we do at Harwich Haven Authority and safety is our first priority,” said Neil Glendinning, CEO of Harwich Haven Authority, “we are deeply committed to understanding the impact of fatigue and have conducted a number of studies in the past to benchmark our operations against best practice. This project is an extension of that commitment as it provides ongoing objective analysis of fatigue and continuous improvements in fatigue management and mitigation in the port’s operations. We look forward to deepening our understanding of fatigue and finding new ways to continuously improve safety in the port.”

Senseye, a Texas based neuroscience startup, has developed technology that can measure brain activity using just a smartphone. After seven years of research and development, it is now being deployed in a range of industrial settings to support operational risk management and improve safety.

On news of the announcement Simon Woods, President of Senseye said “Our long term goal is to see this technology rolled out anywhere that cognitive fatigue can impact safety. Working with Harwich Haven Authority on this study is a fantastic first step toward this goal in the ports industry. We are incredibly excited to be working with a team who are so dedicated to leading on such an important safety issue.”

Senseye is a recent graduate of Safetytech Accelerator’s commercialisation programme Waypoint. Safetytech Accelerator is a non-profit established by Lloyd’s Register as the world’s first dedicated technology accelerator focused on safety and risk in industrial sectors. The Waypoint programme is aimed at making emerging safety and risk technologies accessible and affordable for the whole maritime industry while providing startups with a commercially viable route to scale in the marine market.

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