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High Performance Nozzle Launched

German propulsion specialist, Shottel has announced that its new high performance nozzle is now available in the Rudderpropper range.

The Shottel VarioDuct SDV45 delivers improved efficiency and achieves greater bollard pull in the medium- and high-speed range than previous nozzle designs while using the same amount of propulsive power.

Schottel used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations to investigate hundreds of geometry variants and thus determine the optimum design when developing VarioDuct SDV45.

Model trials were then used in order to test the geometry to demonstrate operating characteristics. Schottel also uses CFD and other computer-based, 3D calculation methods for to develop custom and optimally coordinated propulsion systems for virtually all vessel types and applications.

Schottel’s new nozzle can be optimally adapted to different vessel designs and applications. It has compact geometry and its smaller outer diameter makes the nozzle suitable to shallow-water operations.

According to the company, the VarioDuct SDV45 system, consisting of a Rudderpropeller and the new nozzle, contributes significantly to fuel savings.

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