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Benefits of LNG in the Baltic

OUTOKUMPU is a Finnish steel maker that, like many European heavy industries, are duty bound to abide by a number of growing environmental r...

Disruptive Innovation

Talking autonomous

The IMO has begin the scoping exercise to determine how regulations may need to be adapted to allow for autonomous, unmanned ships. The head...

Electronics & Software News

Pushing out the electric boat

NORWAY  has over 1,000 fjord, giving it one of the longest coastlines in the world despite its relative size. As a result the country’s...

F-Word: A blog with Fathom

The oceans are dead, long live the ocean

Is the economic model that sustained the shipping industry dying? and if so, is a new one based around the ocean economy emerging in its pla...

Strategies News

Funding ideas for Good

AS shipping and other ocean industries with a heavy focus on technology  development to meet future challenges, a new funding mechanism is ...