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Benefits of LNG in the Baltic

OUTOKUMPU is a Finnish steel maker that, like many European heavy industries, are duty bound to abide by a number of growing environmental r...

Electronics & Software News

Talking autonomous

The IMO has begin the scoping exercise to determine how regulations may need to be adapted to allow for autonomous, unmanned ships. The head...

F-Word: A blog with Fathom

Together we get better

At any one time there are about 10,000 passenger airplanes in the sky, yet they all take off and land on time (well, mostly). So, when yo...

Ocean Management and Business

A blue ocean economy list

The growth of ocean start-up clusters is accelerating at a great pace. Around the world there is a growing recognition that new ideas are no...


Row over EU ship recycling capacity

A fresh row has broken out over the European ship recycling regulation which comes into force at the end of this year. European shipowner...

Strategies News

Killing idle time

FOR any commercial operator, a vessel at anchor inevitably means lost income. For the port or terminal it could be seen as  a sign that the...