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Hybrid Engine Developed For LNG Carriers

A new fuel switching function is to be made available on Winterthur Gas & Diesel Ltd (WinGD) X-DF engine to enable the use of both liquid and gaseous fuel simultaneously.

The X-DF technology, developed alongside Doosan engine Co., Ltd and WinGD, has been tested on a Wärtsilä low-speed, low-pressure 6-cylinder engine, showing cost benefits of around 15-20% CAPEX when compared with other low-speed, dual-fuel engine technologies.

The X-DF engine is the first to be sold for use in the new generation of very large liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers and is compliant with the International Maritime Regulation’s (IMO) legislation of the emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to the highest Tier III level when operating in gas mode.

The demonstration took place in Changwon, Korea, showing that the engine is capable of operating at different load conditions as well as using different fuels.  Validation of its engine control features, tuning, economy and emissions were also validated.

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