IMO Secretary-General defends criticism of EU ETS plans

ETS proposals start of slippery slope to regionalisation, says IMO Secretary-General.

KITACK Lim, the IMO Secretary-General, used his opening speech at the World Maritime University’s recent ship energy management conference to defend his recent criticism of proposals to include international shipping into the European emission trading scheme.

European Parliamentarians in their environment committee recent moved ahead with plans to review the regions ETS in light of increased commitment on greenhouse gas reductions under the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.

One proposal to enhance the European ETS is to include shipping, given that Brussels has already approved the regional CO2 emission data collection system.

However, as the IMO Secretary-General points out, the same countries that have politicians and experts in Brussels have also agreed, under consensus, a global system for data collection and the development of an IMO roadmap for further action.

By consensus the IMO states agreed to a date of 2023 for a final decision on a roadmap, and the secretary-general reiterated his belief that a final decisions by Brussels to include shipping in its ETS would undermine this.

“It could be the first step on a slippery slope of regional rules,” he said.

He was aware the letter could create controversy, saying also that it is in no-ones interest to undermine global efforts and recent progress at the IMO reflect the IMO members’ mood.

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