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Industry’s First Onboard Ballast Water Test Kit Launched

A UK manufacturer of portable contamination testing solutions has developed a ‘one stop shop’ ballast water testing kit for use on-board ships for gathering test results on microbial, phytoplankton and chemical contamination and report data on IMO-D2 and VGP compliance.

This is the first integrated ballast water testing solution suitable to go on-board ship.

Speedy Breedy SeaSure® gathers test results and the data is automatically input into a secure report called Ballast Log that is suitable for transmission to required parties, for example ballast water management system (BWMS), onshore personnel and Port State control.

BACTEST have said that their research into the ballast water testing market told them that ships sending samples to a land based lab for testing was just not feasible. Also, their research informed them that ship owners and Port State control want a one-stop shop to buy a completely integrated solution, which is easy to use, and provides an automated transmittable ballast log report, that would tell them if they were compliant with various standards so they would not risk being delayed in port.

In order to bring the technology to the marine market, manufacturers BACTEST have partnered with Chelsea Technologies Group Ltd. for Phytoplankton testing and Palintest Ltd. to measure chemical contamination.

The company has also partnered with BWMS manufacturer, Hyde Marine, whose customers have the option to buy Speedy Breedy SeaSure® alongside their BWMS, Guardian Gold®.

Mark Riggio, Senior Market Manager for Hyde Marine said: “With the addition of the BACTEST Speedy Breedy SeaSure® to our portfolio, we will be able to provide owners with a rapid tool to validate ballast water treatment.”

Bactest CEO Prof. Annie Brooking said: “Using Speedy Breedy SeaSure® as part of a ship’s ballast water management procedure would make the [ballast water management reporting] process much simpler and provide a secure digital solution for ship owners”

Early adopters of Speedy Breedy SeaSure® include the Chinese Port State Control in Shandong Province, and Distributors P General also in China and Korean Distributor IBS.

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