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Innovative development in remote monitoring

This article is provided by Fathom Content Partner, Radio Holland.

Radio Holland Remote Box facilitates 24/7 remote support across the globe

Radio Holland has launched the RH Remote Box, an innovative software platform that facilitates remote support from anywhere in the world. The RH remote box actively monitors and collects data from different types of devices on board and is designed to be user-friendly and compact. The Remote Box is part of the remote monitoring portfolio of services Radio Holland offers to the maritime market.

The Remote Box monitors VSAT equipment, VDR and the Ballast Water Treatment System and its capabilities are being extended continuously, e.g. to monitor steering systems, gyrocompasses and any other GMDSS-related equipment, provided the equipment has suitable output. The Remote Box is installed on an increasing number of vessels worldwide. It is designed to be as flexible as possible and is suited for any vessel.  Paul Smulders: “We have already been able to solve various problems which occurred on board ships, remotely with the Remote Box.”

The device leads to faster response times, solving problems remotely or on the spot. This means a quick return of investment for the ship owner. Paul Smulders: “Remote monitoring is our next step to help our customers to reduce their costs of ownership of the equipment on board.”

The Remote Box was developed in-house. Paul Smulders: “This device can monitor and interact with any ‘interfaceable’ equipment. Additionally to the monitoring, we built a back-up mechanism that continuously provides an encrypted VPN connection. This allows remote servicing to be carried out with a strict minimum of required bandwidth.”

The RH Remote Box is managed from a built-in webplatform, as well as on an onshore server. This gives Radio Holland, as well as the crew and ship owner, the possibility to monitor the vessel’s devices. “They can easily check the condition of a wide range of systems.” The device is easy to install.

Paul Smulders: “Remote monitoring is no longer a hype. It is reality. Through remote monitoring of equipment we are able to pro-actively detect any malfunctions of equipment. This will allow Radio Holland to arrange for support in the most economical way, either remotely or in port. Remote monitoring helps our customers to reduce their cost of ownership of the equipment on board.”

“We continuously aim to maintain our remote encrypted VPN connection. If the preferred internet provider fails, the Remote Box simply switches over to a different Internet provider. Also when the vessel goes offline, monitoring on the vessel continues. As soon as the connection is back, data will be pushed to our server. This allows us to investigate issues and prevent it from happening again.”

Radio Holland is increasing the functionality to additional equipment and provides regular and automated reporting. The fleet owner/operator can log-in and immediately see the status of his fleet.

Contact Radio Holland: Tel +31 104283344; communication@radioholland.com



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