Intelsat FlexMaritime powers more than 8,000 vessels globally

Press Release: Intelsat, operator of the world’s largest satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure, now has more than 8,000 vessels operating on its award-winning FlexMaritime service.


The company, the world’s leading provider of broadband connectivity to maritime passengers and crew, has added more than 2,600 terminals since the beginning of 2021 in key maritime markets including shipping, fishing, leisure and offshore energy, a growth of more than 45%.


FlexMaritime is powered by a global, multi-layered, high-throughput satellite (HTS) network capable of delivering unrivaled density in bandwidth and extremely high levels of service flexibility and reliability. It is distributed by Intelsat’s highly experienced and capable solutions partners who combine the scale and power of the network with their customized service plans and specialized value-added services. Vessel owners benefit by leveraging next-generation shipboard technologies, smart shipping and other in-demand maritime connectivity applications including remote monitoring and performance diagnostics, video streaming, real-time software upgrades and essential, always-available connectivity for crew members.


As a customizable wholesale Mbps managed service, FlexMaritime makes high-speed connectivity simple. Complexity in network configuration, management and bandwidth availability is removed, and service levels are maintained at the highest standards.


“Intelsat is proud to deliver an enterprise-grade communications network that supports next-generation solutions and services the maritime industry demands at sea,” said Intelsat’s Director of Maritime Products, Shane Rossbacher. “Last month marked the fourth anniversary of the launch of our FlexMaritime service. In the coming years, we look to continue enhancing the power, bandwidth and flexibility of the network by leveraging new software-defined satellites, additional layers of HTS capacity, 5G architecture, and support for multi-orbit satellite connectivity.”


Vessels interested in FlexMaritime services can choose from more than 30 qualified antennas of various sizes, including 1m, 60cm, and the ultra-compact 37 and 45cm terminals which are widely used in fishing and leisure markets. All antennas connect easily and seamlessly to Intelsat’s fully integrated satellite and terrestrial network.


FlexMaritime is delivered to end customers exclusively through Intelsat’s network of diverse and highly experienced solutions partners. To learn more about how Intelsat keeps the maritime industry connected, visit

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