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International Windship Association Launches Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards

The International Windship Association (IWSA) has today announced that nominations for the inaugural Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards are officially open.

The Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards recognise pioneering projects, technological innovation and the development of wind propulsion as technically and commercially viable solutions within the shipping industry. These awards will spotlight individuals and companies making a tangible difference in advancing wind propulsion as a low carbon, truly sustainable option for the world’s shipping fleet.

The 2016 awards ceremony will be held at SMM Hamburg 2016 (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology conference) in Hamburg from 6 – 9 September, 2016 and will be one of the highlights of IWSA’s program of over 20 wind propulsion presentations, seminars and networking events spread over the four days of the conference.

“Wind propulsion solutions are thevital component in helping the shipping industry to reach ever tighter efficiency and emissions targets. It is critically important to raise the profile of the commercial application of wind in shipping and the Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards is one way that we can help achieve that.”said Gavin Allwright, IWSA Secretary.

There are four categories in this year’s award:

  • The Wind Propulsion in Commercial Shipping – Innovation Award, is open to developers of innovative technology, network building or business development in the field.
  • The Wind Propulsion Technology User Award, will be presented to anycompany championing the use of wind propulsion in the maritime sector through supporting, testing, prototyping, operation or commercial use.
  • The Wind Propulsion Research Award will go to one of the researchers, engineers, naval architects or academics for their contribution to the sector and a final special category.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to one of the outstanding figures in the wind propulsion sector over the past few decades.

Nominations for these awards are now officially open and the deadline for entries is the June 7, 2016. Shortlisted finalists for each award category will be announced in June 2016 and the three main categories will be decided by open vote. The Lifetime Achievement award winner will be selected by IWSA member vote. Winners will be announced during SMM, 6 – 9 September, 2016.

The short list judging panel comprises of experts from across the shipping industry, wind propulsion specialists and researchers including: Alistair Fischbacher – Chief Executive, Sustainable Shipping Initiative, Catherine Austin – Editor, Shipping Efficiency Review, Craig Eason – Deputy Editor, Lloyds List, Dimitris Argyos – BG Group, Gary A. Mc Intyre– J.Lauritzen A/S, Gavin Lispith – Editor, Motorships, Dr. Jasper Faber  – CE Delft, Katharine Palmer – Manager Environment & Sustainability, Lloyd’s Register Marine, Capt.Michael Vahs – Emden Leer University, Prof.Orestis Schinas – Hamburg School of Business Administration, Prof. Osman Turan – University of Strathclyde, Peter Schenzle –Hamburg University, Dr. Pierre C Sames – DNV/GL  AS, Sam Kimmins & Sara SkoldSustainable Transport Specialists, Tyndall Centre – Manchester University.

Nominations are now invited for each category and should be accompanied by a short description of why that project, company or individual should be considered for the award. More details on how to make a nomination can be found at http://wind-ship.org/en/innovation_awards_2016/

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