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Machinery and cargo highest contributors to ship deficiencies in 2016

Cargo systems and machinery deficiencies contributed to a combined 31% of total deficiencies during 2016 says P&I company, The American Club.

The New York based club conducted 106 condition surveys during the year with cargo systems and machinery the two largest categories accounting for total deficiencies. Condition surveys are carried out by P&I clubs to ensure vessels meet the requisite standards for safety, construction, seaworthiness, cargo worthiness, crew management, and vessel management.

In terms of machinery related deficiencies, machinery integrity was found to be the largest contributor (34%) towards deficiencies.  Other machinery related deficiencies included those related to pollution prevention, the fuel system, cargo systems machinery, alarms and safety, fire systems machinery, and housekeeping.

According to the P&I club, the condition of the main and auxiliary engines, engine monitoring systems and the insufficiency of spare parts were key contributors to integrity-related deficiencies.

Housekeeping accounted for 20% of machinery-related deficiencies.  This includes factors such as the cleanliness of the engine compartments, including keeping bilges clean and free from combustible materials.

Fire systems machinery, which accounted for 14% of machinery-related deficiencies, were found to be related to the condition of the fixed fire & extinguishing systems, main & emergency fire pumps and fixed gas detention & monitoring systems.

46% of the surveys were conducted on dry cargo vessels tankers accounting for 35%.

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