Maritime roles that didn’t exist 10 years ago: Part 2

10 years ago there were no such jobs as digital manager, chief digital officer, or social media manager in the maritime industry.  

As the industry continues its transformation towards a more efficient and smart one, it takes increasing steps into the digital world where a number of jobs now exist that work to transform a company by digital means.

Chief Transformation Officer 

A CTO is a relatively new role within the maritime industry.  The CDO is a leading role, working to transform a company. They work to drive an organisation forward and encourage and inspire change both short and long-term.

At this year’s Fleet Transformation event, Ari Merjaama, CTO at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics will be present.  An experienced leader, analyst and consultant, Merjaama has a strong background in technology, business development, and strategy, and uses his expertise in digital challenges to drive transformation.

Digital Manager 

As the maritime industry makes its transformation towards a more digital one, it needs a digital manager to promote its products and services in the digital area.  The digital manager will push digital disruption to help the maritime industry transform to a smarter and more efficient one.

Omar Abu Omar heads up the digital marketing communications area at the Emirates National Oil Company where he uses his experience in digital marketing, e-commerce and event marketing to brand himself and the company and connect with the industry.

Group Digital Officer 

A group digital officer in the maritime industry will usually be responsible for implementing digital strategies to help transformation take place.  They require high-level understanding of how digital strategies can be used to make critical business decisions that will improve performance.

Sophie-Kim Chapman, VP, Group Digital Officer at DFDS is responsible for these digital strategies across the DFDS group.  She uses her thorough understanding of digital to offer clients and colleagues digital and agile marketing expertise in business sense, creative and brand integrity and technical viability.

From left to right: Ari Merjaama, CTO at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics, Omar Abu Omar digital marketing communications area at the Emirates National Oil Company, and Sophie-Kim Chapman, VP, Group Digital Officer at DFDS

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is one that develops the brand of a company and raises its awareness through the power of the internet.  They help create and spread the company’s messages and push editorial content.

The digital transformation has led to the increased use of social media across the maritime industry. While still a traditional industry, shipping has become increasingly used to the way of using the internet to get across its messages and engage wider audiences.

Virtual Assistant 

10 years ago virtual assistants weren’t really used as main components of a company.  Today, virtual assistants work from home or wherever they choose, carrying out administrative and task management roles.  Thanks to the speed of internet and video calling, people can connect from anywhere in the world, at any time, and do jobs that were once only done in office.

In the maritime industry, virtual assistants are being used more and more as part of the digital transformation. They can help the marketing of a product, enabling the company to reach a wider audience without having the overheads that come with keeping an office full of staff. Smaller companies in particular can take advantage of this, using a freelancer in a foreign location to get their messages out without having to have them in office or working full time.

Fleet Transformation: The Event

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