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New joint venture pushes forward hydrogen fuel

A new joint venture between three Nordic technology firms will look to deliver hydrogen fuel cell technology into the maritime industry and other sectors.

Hyon is  a Norwegian venture owned by Swedish fuel cell business Powercell, Nel, a company that specialises in hydrogen storage and distribution and Hexagon Composites a developer of pressure cylinders and other gas systems.

The three companies formed Hyon as a joint venture earlier in the year, and have now officially launched its activities to manage and develop projects for integrating zero emission power solutions.

As well as for marine, the company will develop solutions for the overall transportation chain including road haulage, both on- and off-grid energy solutions where there is a growing use of renewables and the need for clean energy storage, as well as maritime sector.

“The Scandinavian market is ready for hydrogen and fuel cell technology, especially the maritime industry from which we have already received a number of project requests”,  said Tomas Tronstad, newly appointed Hyon managing director in a statement.

The company says its will be interesting for several maritime segments, notably cruise, offshore, and ferry companies that are looking for  clean renewable energy and silent power generation.

Earlier in the week the UK-funded Shipping in Changing Climates project had wound up with a closing conference where academic researchers pointing clearly to hydrogen as the future maritime fuel that will help he industry decarbonise its operations within the frame of the UNFCC Paris Agreement.


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