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New Orders for Corvus’ Next-Generation Energy Storage System

Following Corvus Energy’s announcement this week that they are bringing a brand new, next-generation, Energy Storage System (ESS) product line to the maritime industry, in quick succession the company has announced two orders that have been placed for the technology for both a research vessel and a fish farm support vessel.

Grovfjord Mek Verksted AS (GMV) chose the solution to power an all-electric fish farm support vessel, the GMV Zero. Whereas Halvorsen Power System AS has opted for the Orca ESS for its marine research vessel, the MS Johan Hjort that will operate in the Norwegian Exclusive Economic utilising the benefits of the ESS for peak shaving, fisheries and environmental research, and crew comfort.

As well as providing reduced power consumption and eliminating emissions, the ESS includes safety innovations such as cell-level thermal runaway isolation which does not require active cooling techniques such as liquid cooling to be effective. The new product line includes Orca Energy, which is particularly suited to large energy consuming vessels, such as ferries and merchant ships, while Orca Power is designed for applications that require seamless response to dynamic power loads, including offshore supply vessels and port equipment.

The product line was designed based on experience from more than 50 vessels totalling 35MWh and 1 million operating hours that are currently utilising a Corvus ESS and is typically able to reduce installed costs by up to 50% due to the solutions’ density and increased lifespan.

Hans Petter Heggebø, Managing Director at Halvorsen Power System AS commented: “After extensive due diligence, Halvorsen selected Corvus’ Orca Energy ESS due to their breadth of experience in the industry, and the extremely compelling performance, safety and economic benefits of Orca”.

Arnold Hansen, GMV representative commented: As a result of an extensive evaluation, GMV selected Corvus’ Orca Energy ESS due to its ability to not only meet, but exceed all performance, safety and financial requirements.  Beyond the incredible benefits of Orca ESS, GMV wanted a partner with extensive marine ESS experience, a global support team, and deep technical knowledge.”

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