NYK gets new EEDI 2 VLCC with classNK cyber notation

The very large crude carrier Tateshina, owned by NYK, was built at Nantong COSCO KHI Engineering (NACKS) in China. Iit comes with a few novel features. NYK says the vessel has a new bow design aimed at reducing in-water resistance and therefore create less fuel use. The vessel has also low-friction paint, (manufacturer not mentioned) which again reduces water friction to reduce power needs providing the hull is clear of biofouling. 


Tateshina also has large-diameter propellers (indicating twin screw) and ”ladder fins” that NYK says regulate the water flow at the stern and reduce energy loss. This all gives the vessel the required certification of attaining the required EEDI phase two benchmark needed for the vessel to be compliant.


In addition, the vessel has been given the Cyber Resilience-Guideline (CybR-G) notation by the Japanese classification society ClassNK. This is the first such grant of a cyber notation for a vessel in accordance with the “Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships ” established by ClassNK. The notation acknowledges that the design is feasible for proper ship operation with cybersecurity taken into consideration.


ClassNK has released “Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships” by compiling best practices for newbuilding designs of shipyards and shipowners, from the view of identifying computer systems to be protected from cyber attacks, and building a network to safeguard them.


The second edition of the “Guidelines for Designing Cyber Security Onboard Ships” incorporates the international cyber security standards for industrial automation and control systems IEC 62443 series and the latest recommendations on cyber resilience for new ships (Rec. No. 166) published by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) in May 2020.


Length overall: 339.5 meters
Breadth: 60.00 meters
Depth: 28.90 meters
Gross tonnage: 162,218 tons
Deadweight tonnage: 311,979 tons
Shipbuilder: Nantong COSCO KHI Engineering Co., Ltd. (NACKS)
Flag: Liberia

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