The world of shipping and the oceans in you ears.


I have listed some of the top podcasts that I know of that involve the shipping and maritime industries as well as the ocean environment. It is in no specific order and I have opted to link to Spotify as it allows you to access the latest episodes directly from this web page or to find it on the Spotify app (most are on other podcast apps as well as on Apple and Google services. They likely have their own websites too).Of course I put my Aronnax Show podcast at the top (sorry about that bit of brashness) , but the truth is there is likely something for everyone’s ears and tastes, interests and passions. I will try and add more links later.
If you know of Podcasts I should list here, please get in touch. Oh, and if you or your organisation want some independent help in getting your voice into your audiences ears, then get in touch and we can talk about how to get people to listen.

Craig Eason
The Aronnax Podcast

SHipping And maritime

Lloyd's List
The Shipping Podcast
Seatrade Maritime
The Maritime Podcast
Lena Göthberg
Shipping Podcast



ocean economy and marine biology

Hakai Magazine
Audio Edition
Meet the Ocean

Speak up for Blue
MarineBio Life
Marine Biologist
The Deep-sea podcast
Armatus Oceanic

Some other maritime podcasts

Capital Link
The Shipowners P&I Club
Lloyd's Register



Some podcasts that are either resting or been & gone

The Shipping Exchange

G Captain

and finally, some other podcasts I like to listen to

BBC Radio 4
Inside Science
WNYCS Studios
The Fully Charged Plus
BBC Radio 4
Costing the Earth

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