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Port call optimization solutions to reduce emissions start gaining industry traction

Press Release: Just-In-Time (JIT) Arrival guide submitted to the IMO as information paper to support IMO resolution that calls on cooperation between ports and shipping on the reduction of GHG emissions from ships

With multiple pilot and roll out projects underway at leading world cargo ports such as RotterdamAntwerpHamburg and Los Angeles to optimize vessel port calls , the need for a standardised approach to data availability and sharing with ships calling at these ports is growing.

Captain Ben Van Scherpenzeel, Chair of Taskforce Port Call Optimization commented : “Ship-shore data availability and data sharing around port calls must be supported by robust standards developed by robust organizations in the long run to make GHG emissions reductions a reality. Ship owner-operators will simply not be able to work optimally with different data sets amongst all the ports their fleets call at. Equally, a one-size-fits- all global solution is not the answer. The answer lies in a common port call process framework, using existing contractual, hydrographic, and data definition standards.”

Emissions impact – vessel waiting times at anchorage

During the latest Taskforce meeting, one of the industry’s leading AIS vessel tracking solutions provider MarineTraffic provided some sobering data. Now capable of measuring the entire port call process of different vessel types at berth level, they calculated time at anchorage outside ports around the globe of the 200,000 vessels they track averaging between just under 4% and over 9% of average call time.

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