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Port CDM: The story so far

The final report of the STM Validation project into the work identifying how common messaging during port calls can create efficiencies has been released.

Nine ports in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Nordics have been involved in trialing a standard messaging format, which is being finalised at IALA for global use.

They are part of the Port Collaborative Decision Making Project and as reported last week are coniusing to use the format and messaging standards. The STM final report highlights the successes that have been identified. The Report can be downloaded here.

The report also categorizes the benefits that have been identified by various actors involved in a vessels port call, from VTS to shipowner, terminal operators and tug operators. But one of the areas that has also been identified and still needs work is how to make more efficiency out of the information that can be best shared between actors.

In a new Concept Note released by the project managers for PortCDM it is clear that while benefits have been identified, there remains challenges in maximizing port turnaround and being able to notify subsequent vessels of any delays.

The PortCDM 22nd Concept Note is accessible here, as well as the STM Validation final report

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