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PowerCell Sweden receives order from Prototech AS for a marine fuel cell module

Press Release: PowerCell Sweden has received an order for a 185 kW marine fuel cell high-power module from the Norwegian R&D company and system integrator. Prototech AS. The module will be delivered during the fourth quarter and is intended for use in marine drivetrain development and demonstration projects.

The module will be integrated as part of state-of-the-art testing infrastructure for sustainable marine power solutions and future fuels, within the Sustainable Energy Catapult Centre at Stord, south of Bergen. Prototech, together with key industry partners, will use the module in various development projects to test and demonstrate how fuel cell-based power solutions can be used in the development of zero emission solutions for the marine segment.

Norway has announced the introduction of increasingly strict emissions regulations for ships operating in Norwegian waters, not the least in the Norwegian fjords where the unique and pristine environment have rendered the fjords recognition by United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization, UNESCO, as world heritage sites. To help meet the new regulations, Norway has also announced its intention to encourage the development of green power solutions for its marine and offshore industries.

“The marine segment is one of our prioritized segments and offers a great potential for our fuel cell-based true zero emissions technology. Fuel cells provide a truly sustainable energy solution for both propulsion and on-board power in marine applications. In the sector, industrial maturity is now also beginning to be established among various players, which contributes to the segment being on the way to creating a commercially sustainable business model throughout the entire value chain”, Richard Berkling, CEO of PowerCell said.  

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