Press Release: ABB sets out electric, digital, connected approach for shipping

Press Release: ABB sets out electric, digital, connected approach for shipping

With this new approach, ABB focuses on harnessing the full potential of its power, control and automation solutions through a program of digital integration that will bring about a step change in vessel and fleet management.
“We are living through one of the most exciting periods in the history of the maritime industry,” says Juha Koskela, Managing Director, ABB Marine & Ports. “We believe the next generation of ships will be electric, digital and connected as the industry moves towards the use of new energy sources and automated ship operations. Electric. Digital. Connected. encapsulates ABB’s drive to deliver solutions that make the maritime industry safer, more efficient and more sustainable based on a holistic perspective.”

Ships featuring pure electric power and propulsion are simpler in terms of layout compared to those running on combustion engines alone, and less exposed to wear and tear. Today, more than 1300 ships employ ABB electric systems, achieving up to 20% efficiency gains over conventional shaftline systems.

The automotive industry’s wider adoption of hybrid electric systems and autonomous control sets the stage for the anticipated developments in the maritime industry. Based on greater efficiency and sustainability, electric propulsion will become a maritime imperative rather than an alternative. Electric power plants on board vessels optimize fuel consumption, maximize operational flexibility and allow for new energy sources, such as batteries and fuel cells.

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